The Rocket Model™ is an easy to use diagnostic and team improvement framework that leaders at all levels can embrace and use every day. At Waste Management, we trained over 1,000 District Managers on how to use this model and saw immediate improvements in team effectiveness and employee engagement.
— Jimmy LaValley, Chief People Officer, Waste Management, Inc.
The Rocket Model™ was instrumental in supporting the successful transformation of our company into a global matrix. We will continue to use this great tool as change is constant and the need to build high performing teams is critical for future success.
— Paul Keane, Executive Vice president, Human Resources, CSA Group
Rule one of leadership: you are only as strong as your talent and team! But how do you find the right people and build a high performing team? I have used the Rocket Model™ to assess and build my teams and to reassess them to evaluate performance and make improvements. The exceptional results we have been able to achieve speak for themselves.
— Mark Roellig, Executive Vice president and General Counsel, MassMutual Financial Group