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Team Improvement Workshop, Bratislava, Slovakia (EU)

  • Bratislava Slovakia (map)

Team Improvement Workshop

Bratislava, Slovakia (EU)

Rastislav Duriš


Alena Durišová-Džuganová


Research by Deloitte shows that good teamwork is becoming increasingly important to organizational success, yet only a minority of people work on effective teams. It turns out most team leaders do not know how to properly launch new teams or improve the performance of those teams they lead.

Workshop Key Topics:

  • How important are groups and teams?
  • How common are high performing teams?
  • What do we really know about teams?
  • What are the differences between groups and teams?
  • How can you accelerate the launch of new teams?
  • How should you on-board new team members?
  • How can you diagnose team dynamics and performance?
  • How can you improve team performance?
  • How do you lead virtual teams?

What Does the Workshop Cover?

Unlike certification workshops that focus on instrumentation rather than implementation, the primary purpose of the Team Consulting Workshop is to provide participants with a set of practical tools to help teams gain alignment on the context in which they operate, set team goals, clarify team member roles, run more effective meetings, make better decisions, resolve team conflict, etc.

Participants will practice using 17 team improvement exercises and learn how to build powerful team interventions during the workshop.


Why Attend Ours?

Based on a team performance framework developed by world- renowned leadership experts Gordon Curphy and Robert Hogan, the Team Consulting Workshop gives consultants a framework and the tools needed to build high-functioning and high- performing teams.

The Workshop provides consultants with practical advice on how to:

  • Launch new teams
  • Assess team dynamics
  • Provide team feedback
  • Deploy team development exercises
  • Deliver impactful team off-sites
  • On-board new team members
  • Improve team performance

Who Should Attend?

  • External consultants wanting to start or grow a team consulting practice
  • Internal human resources, leadership development, and organizational effectiveness staff providing team consulting services to their organizations
  • Anyone who wants to help teams and leaders achieve and sustain high levels of performance