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"Teamwork is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results." - Andrew Carnegie

Humanity’s greatest accomplishments, from building the pyramids in Egypt to exploring the outer reaches of the universe, are the result of group effort. In business, high-performing teams can achieve superior results to individuals. Teams are also susceptible to countless forms of dysfunction, and, if poorly managed, even the most talented groups can fall flat.

Written by industry iconoclasts Drs. Gordon Curphy and Robert Hogan, The Rocket Model taps research and experience by the world’s leading experts on human behavior, leadership, and team dynamics to create a practical model for building and managing high-performing teams.

“For millennia, our ancestors worked in teams to adapt, advance, and accomplish feats that continue to inspire awe,” says Hogan. “Yet despite the obvious importance of collective action, academia and business analysts alike have failed to produce a practical, science-based guide to building and managing high-functioning teams. The Rocket Model draws on our decades of work in the public and private sectors to provide essential tools to launch new teams, diagnose and resolve conflict, and maximize performance.”

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